Episode 17 – New Year … New Me … Or Something

Hey Schmos!  Welcome to the hottest sports podcast this side of the Hudson Valley! The Big Guy is proud to bring to you, The Joe Schmo Sports Show!

Happy New Year!

We are happy to bring you the first new episode of the year. Please click here to sign up to be a Schmo or Schmo Pro through our Patreon. Also follow us on Instagram and Twitter and like our Facebook Page.

This week we give you the rundown of the NFL Divisional Playoff games and a little preview of the NFC?AFC Championship games. Talking Top 5 in college basketball right now with some NHL talk mixed in. We also breakdown The Big Guy’s failed trip to Buffalo and how Rugby United New York is going to rule the upcoming MLR season.

Take a step back … relax … Let’s Get Hot!!!

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